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March 1953 A sales agreement was entered with JAPAN GANYU GOKIN, and sales of the company' s OGALOY and Nippon Mining Co., Ltd.,' s copper powder were started.
November 1953 Sankin Co., Ltd. was established on November 20. Headquarters were situated in Minami Mori-machi, Osaka. Capital was set at 1 million yen.
July 1959 Headquarters were moved to Awabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka.
August 1963 Started sales of Hayakawa Denki (currently, Sharp) electronic refrigeration equipment.
October 1966 Started sales of TNK SANWA PRECISION' s micro shafts.
August 1968 Started dealing in Hitachi Powdered Metals' s Nikkaloy.
August 1969 Constructed headquarters building, and relocated to Awaza Naka Dori (current headquarters).
November 1982 Shogo Shikata inaugurated as the second president.
October 1986 Become a sole agent for Hanwa Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.
November 1996 Masaki Hirose inaugurated as third president.
March 2004 Acquired ISO14001.
November 2006 Hiroshi Shikata inaugurated as fourth president.
April 2007 Acquired ISO9001
November 2013 Created a new logo in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Sankin Co., Ltd.
September 2022 Kenichi Takagi inaugurated as fifth president.
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