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When making an inquiry to Sankin Co., Ltd., we will ask for the user’s personal information,
including name, address, company name, e-mail address, phone No., cell phone No., fax No. and questions. Sankin Co., Ltd. asks only for personal information required for the inquiry (hereinafter, “this service”).

Personal information which we have received from the user may be used for the following purposes in addition to this service.

1. To respond to inquiry from user
2. To ask user for his/her opinion of this service

Sankin Co., Ltd. will take the utmost caution to appropriately protect and control personal information received from users so that it is not leaked or falsified.

1. If the user asks for disclosure, confirmation, revision or deletion, etc., of his/her own information, the matter will be handled within a reasonably possible time after confirming that the person making the request is the actual user.
2. To ensure that users can use this service without worry, we will review and revise this Privacy Policy as needed. The revised Privacy Policy shall be notified to the users with method judged reasonable by Sankin.
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