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Using our years of know-how, we select materials to match our customers requirements and provide a stable supply from overseas without lowering our quality.

Sankin will assist your material selection, and provide ultra-high precision (nano level) shafts which match your applications.

•Outer dimensions Φ0.6mm to Φ30mm
•Total length Outer diameter x 20 or less
•Outer diameter tolerance:±0.001mm or less
•Roundness 0.0003mm or less
•Surface roughness Rmax 0.2μm or less

Sankin supports precision processing with the latest machines with material selection and ample knowledge.

•Manufacturing range:Φ0.5mm to Φ75mm
•Materials: Brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, resin, Molybdenum, tungsten, etc.

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