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This testing system supports HBM and MM with the capacitor discharge.
This highly reliable system complies with Japanese and international standards. (JEITA, ESDA, JEDEC Standard compliant)

  • This system allows you to operate leak measurement automatically by zapping each pin.The maximum number of measurement pins is 256. The curve tracer can also be measured.
    This corresponds with domestic and international standards.
    In the automatic measurement system,the measurement time can be shorten by the easy-to-use operation software.
    Latch-up test is also available as option.

  • High-performance fully automatic electrostatic destruction system.
    Up to eight devices can be tested. The maximum number of measurement pins is 1024 pins.
    Although limits apply, simultaneous application onto multiple devices is possible. Latch up test is supported, and the pulse current method or ESD application method can be handled.
    Destruction evaluation using DC measurement, and a function test using optional pattern inputs are also possible.

  • Compact ESD Tester
    This portable electrostatic destruction tester is easy to use.
    Equipped with a leak measurement function, the destruction evaluating using ESD can be performed with just this system.

  • Fully-automated Wafer ESD Tester
    This tester is capable of HMB and MM application for LED use to large diameter wafers for system LSI.
    After ESD is applied, the destruction can be judged with Vf/Im measurement. Combination testing with the TLP tester, which is greatly related to the ESD test, is also possible. This is effective in finding the protective circuit' s operation parameters for devices which have indicated a problem with the ESD test.

  • Manual Wafer ESD Tester
    Wafers can be easily positioned between two pins by operating the manipulator.
    After the pulse is applied, the destruction can be judged with Vf/Im measurement.

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